Jamison Jerving
Software Architect

Below you will find examples of personal and professional projects that I have worked on. You will be able to see the wide array of disciplines in software engineering that I can bring to your team. This includes many technologies and programming languages such as HTML5, C++, C#, Unity 3D, ActionScript 3.0, Adobe AIR, and custom electronics.

Interactive Schematics

View the demo!

Interactive Schematics is a project that I developed at Almon Inc. The program allows for animation of circuits from traditional schematics (currently only electrical).

I developed the major functionality of the application including navigation, control, user interface, menus, component popups, and translations. Another developer was later added to the project to add a guided tour, stylistic changes, and some functionality changes.

I developed an automated way of switching languages on the fly for the application. The current application supports English, Spanish, and Chinese.

Handheld Game Kit
Electronics, C++

Available for sale on Jameco Electronics!

The Handheld Game Kit is a do-it-yourself kit that I designed for sale on Jameco Electronics. It has a custom designed circuit board with an 8-bit AVR microcontroller.

The audio, video, and sound generation is programmed in C++. Multiple games or apps can be programmed in to the system and are programmed in C++ as well.

Electronics Projects
Electronics, C++, Assembly

This video shows some of the electronics projects that I have designed and engineered over the last four years (2013 to 2016).

Some projects are prototypes on breadboards and others are fully designed circuit boards. Programming for various projects includes C++ and assembly.

Most boards are designed with 8-bit AVR microcontrollers.

Jamo Box Arcade
Electronics, C++, Assembly, AVR

The Jamo Box Arcade is an electronics project that I have been actively designing and developing. It includes custom designed electronics for audio, video, and input.

The video rendering system is designed in assembly for fast buffering and VGA video synchronization. Games are programmed in C++.

Arcade Cabinet
3ds Max

This is an arcade cabinet that I have been designing for the Jamo Box Arcade. This video shows how the cabinet would be assembled.

The cabinet is designed to house the custom electronics and an LCD monitor.

Galactic Attack
C#, Unity

Galactic Attack is an 8-bit retro-space shooter that I developed for the iPhone and iPad using Unity. The game was released on the iOS App Store during September of 2014.

The game includes a total of 40 levels (20 with the base game and 20 that can be purchesed as a level pack), 9 weapons, iOS Leaderboards, and In-App Purchases.

ActionScript 3.0, Adobe AIR, Adobe Flash

Chains is a simple puzzle game that was developed with Adobe AIR and ActionScript 3.0 primarily for iOS but it was also released on Android and available to play in a web browser. The video was the original release trailer for iOS and Android.

This is the second iteration of the game. The original game was developed for the Xbox 360 Indie games and also for Windows. The original game was developed using C# and XNA.

This was a joint project that I worked on with a friend who designed the art. The game design and programming was done by me.

Defend Your Queen

This was a game that I programmed for the final project in my "C++ Programming for Game Developers" class. I worked with another classmate on this project who did the artwork and game design. This was such a fun game to work on. It allowed me to get my feet wet in teaming up with someone else in development of a game.

It was also a great experience to have the game design process done by someone else because it gave me an opportunity to see the development process from a different perspective than my own. It was great to see how that process was performed and communicated between me and my team mate.

The game engine that I used was Dark GDK which was used for the graphics and audio.

Breakout Xtreme

This is a remake of Breakout that I made with Java. It has a total of 10 singleplayer levels and 5 levels where you can play against an AI.

This was a great learning project for me as I applied many different things to it such as collision detection, sound, artificial intelligence, and small animation clips.

Reverse Tower Defense
C#, Unity

This is a game prototype that me and colleague developed using Unity 3D. The idea was to create the opposite of a tower defense game where you play as the creeps.

I did all of the programming and my colleague did all of the 3D models and art.

Unreal Demo
C++, Unreal Engine 4

This is a simple demo I created with Unreal Engine 4. When the engine was first released, I wanted to dive into the code and develop a quick demo with it and this was the result of that effort.

RPG Prototype
C#, Unity

This is a simple RPG prototype that I created using C# and Unity. It includes simple character animation, point-and-click movement, save/load system, and save game slots.

Handheld Game Console
C++, Electronics

This is a custom built retro handheld game system. It was programmed with C++ using an AVR microcontroller. All of the audio, video, and input systems were custom built onto the processor using software and two timers (one 16-bit and one 8-bit).

The system has a 20MHz 8-bit AVR processor, 64KB program memory, 3KB of RAM, 1KB of VRAM (128x64 pixels), support for 256 sprites (8x8), and a small font for drawing text and numbers. Input system: D-Pad (4), A, B, and Menu. One channel audio (250Hz to 3.7KHz). Currently has Pong, Tetris, Space Invaders, and a Music Demo.

Escape Route

This was a remake to the very first game I ever made. It's a very simple puzzle game where you must escape by avoiding the spikes and enemies. The game was programmed with HTML and JavaScript.

This is one of the very first games that I developed with simplified level design principals that allowed me to easily make and modify levels. Building this game was a great experience for my stepping stone towards object-oriented programming techniques.


This is a simple game that I worked on to test out double buffering and particle effects. No sound was ever added and the gameplay and graphics were intentionally kept very simplified with only a single enemy that fires randomly.

The game was programmed in pure Java and was not hardware accelerated. This was a very nice learning experience for particles and double buffered frames.